Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Thira - a new wave in malayalam cinema

Thira; wave.....is a fast paced thriller movie based on sex trafficking in our country. In the light of recent news, from Bangalore, and from various parts of Kerala, this film takes us through those territories in a more realistic way than any of its malayalam predecessors, and a very pleasant change from present malayalam Superhit movies that I really have no idea why people go and see.

 The immediate  resemblences to Hollywood, like 'Taken' and 'Whistleblower', comes to mind, but lets not indulge in that. For one, what else can a sex trafficking movie have if not for the leads searching the truth. Two, this is one great effort from Vineeth and his team, which satisfies a moviegoer in every department in terms of quality (not to be confused with entertainment). Anyway Vineeth accepts that it is inspired from a book.

The screenplay doesn't drag even for a moment. Thanks to the superb fast cuts and ever moving camera work. Both these helped the pace of the movie by a great deal. Not saying there are no flaws, but I am sure the director would have had a discussion about the techniques both the editor and cinematographer would be implementing, and would have thought a lot on the treatment. Some places the camera does go too unsteadily for even a handheld, but its quite understandable. Editing has been a tremendous relief for me, after seeing a number of latest 'new gen' malayalam movies, which use slow motion for hundreds of unnecessary scenes. Though the director has the urge for a little heroism and slow motion once or twice in the movie, he doesn't cave into those. I would like to congratulate Rakesh Mantodi for his story and pace, but let me wait till the sequels come out. 

The main lead is obviously Shobana, and its said her character is based on activists like Sunita Krishnan. She is powerful, dynamic and seemingly effortless in her character. She switches languages as any professional would do, and doesnot make it look like the actor doesn't know a single line of what he/she is saying, which is not the case with the other lead in the movie. Well, not bad for a newcomer, especially when pitted against someone like Shobana, Dhyan tries to hold his stead. But from the very start we feel an uncomfortability in his acting, more or less like actors in amateurish short films. For, there is no expression when its somebody elses lines or actions in focus, but when his lines come he gives a quick start to his emoting, which takes out the naturality flavour, which usually people overlook as it doesn't affect the story. I felt Vineeth could have used a better performer in such a strong storyline. My hope is that Dhyan wouldn't return in the sequel,(Well, you know its a trilogy) not because he is that bad, but this is a movie that has to be made right.

My only other complaint to the director is that the dialogues at some places seem very heroic or tragic, and therefore seems so very out of place. When there is a lot of action going around, places where people are tensed and frustrated, we really don't need grammatically correct, beautiful lines, or hero looking out with desperation in slow motion and music, and such stuff. Here also, its not too bad, or too much in excess, but still could be avoided.

Music has been level headed most of the times, never really overlooking the tone of the story and going in its own direction. You would not have anything to hum, but in this film that's not really necessary. So, good job to Shaan. Jomon's camerawork is a commendably worked out and visually is story-adhering. Its a great shift for him after 'Thattathin marayathu' and his work is impressive again.

I would say it was high time there was a movie on this subject in malayalam, that had a feel of realism in it. It should be hard hitting, as well as non-preachy. With its minor flaws, this movie just about does that. A welcome change from other movies in malayalam, and hopefully a time for hard and fast movies to come right up too. Well, its a trilogy...so two more fast paced movies will be there. Let this be a new wave :)

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Bekas : homeless kid's dreams and realisations

Bekas is a Kurdish film by Karzan Kader, released in 2012 featuring and Sarwar Fazil. They play two homeless brothers, living on the streets of Kurdistan. The elder brother Dana, is left to take care of his younger brother Zana, who helps him to fend for themselves by doing various little jobs, primarily, by polishing shoes. They have no parents and they live a care-free life. 

The village theatre lures them into the world of 'Superman', and these two boys starts dreaming of meeting the man of steel. Dana convinces his brother that 'superman' lives in America, and once they find him they would be able to relive a happy life with their parents. Dana guilty of filling his brother's mind with dreams of meeting the superhero, tries to push his story by planning a trip to America. For that, he has to have a vehicle. They buy a donkey.

Bekas, meaning Homeless, is a feature that is harsh and soft at the same time. There is no make-believe heaven out there in the movie, but the fearlessness and determination of the kids is so endearing that it makes the movie shed its hostile environment and turn it into a world filled with brotherly love. In the end, what the two brothers want is not to have a luxurious life in America, but to be around one another till they die.

Zamand Taha as the younger brother Zana, is pure joy to watch. His loud screeching voice, and an innocent face, added with the occasional emotions that he displays touches your hearts. Dana, played by Sarwar Fazil, is an immature father figure, but loves his brother so much, that he leaves his teenage fantasies for being with his little brother. Sarwar plays a romantic and a disciplinarian with great effortlessness, and the way his eyes brightens up sometimes is so cool. Many other characters come and go giving life lessons to these kids, and making them realise that whatever they need, most of all they need each other. 

The cinematography has captured the sands of Kurdistan beautifully. The landscapes and angles reflect the condition of the boys very well. 

The director is so very successful in procuring a thoughtful product, without being too preachy or philosophical. The hardships the children go through explains the situations people have to live through in Iraq. But instead of being a brooding tragic tale, this film is about unity and hope. 

Monday, November 18, 2013

'Philips and the Monkeypen' is an adults entertainment movie made at the cost of children

I went to watch this supposedly 'children's movie', because of the rave reviews it got from all fronts. In the end, i am disappointed that i might be the only one who writes a negative review about this one.

'Philips and the Monkeypen' fails at so many levels for me.

Its supposed to be the must-movie to show your children. Really? Why would you want your child to see that stabbing with a sharp pencil is a very ok thing, that happens daily in every school.

Its supposed to show some meaningful parenting. Yes, i am not surprised that it didn't really have any good parenting tips considering the very low parenting morals in Kerala these days. The film celebrates a dad who congratulates the cunningness of his son, who gets out of a suspension for stabbing another kid with a pencil by posing as a handicap. Well, the directors wanted to show an immature dad, but it looked like a retarded dad. So sad, that Jayasuryas father character hides all this from his wife. Good husband too you see.

Mukesh's principal character jumps around like a fool, and his character goes making one blunder to another. Did the director's really hate Mukesh so much? The principal is incapable of stopping violence in the school; He is incapable of teaching good values; and in a scene where the discussion is about filled school buses, he blames parents first for sending their children to school in this manner, and not the authorities of the school for shortage of buses. I was laughing my head off at the irony and stupidity of those dialogs.

Well, if this was just what i felt, maybe i could be wrong. But the 5 others who came with me was so angry at the end of this film, that they were shouting at me for dragging them into this movie. An angry mother confronted me and asked, 'Is this the movie you want our children to see?'

Now about the movie.

Slow motions have killed malayalam industry. Slow motion everywhere, for any nonsense. It drags the movie to bore you to death, unless used wisely. But our editors are so in love with this that they think they are making the scene beautiful. But as a whole film, it just drags and drags. Bachelor Party, and even the hit movie 'Neram' just does this.

The movie could very well have been a short film, and done with the whole thing in 40-50 mins. The directors( previously short film makers) have done a pretty shoddy work in adding a lot of unnecessary fillers. The movie started looking like a short film work, right 5 minutes into it. Only difference was they had lots more money, a better camera and some jibs, and good actors, which all sinks in the amateurish style of the directors. Some things which are okay to do while making a short film, do not necessarily work as a feature film.

Now acting in all fronts were quite good. But the unrealistic approach of the film, didn't add anything of value to the kids performance. Jayasurya as the crazy and incapable dad has given a decent performance, but the script misses the point that the audience would not see Jayasurya as incapable but as a loving dad, which is very dangerous parenting tip. Remya was not effective as the mother, for me. There were many other capable actors who could have done the role. Vijay babu as the cruel class teacher, was too over the board. I understand the teacher who is a scare, but this character seemed like was acting hard to keep a scary image. If you remember Amole Gupte in 'Stanley ka Dabba', you will understand what characterization is.

The kids could have done a good job with a decent script. Its so hard to understand the psyche of children and the directors have failed miserably to catch their innocence. Instead they portray them a gundas, and schemers. I am sure they must be watching too much of malayalam TV serials, which brings me to the background music of the film. I understand giving epic music, but this is a children's film. The music was loud, and the sound mix was horrible. I have never liked the dubbing in any of the recent malayalam films. The mix could have been far better, not just in this movie, but thats common in any malayalam movie today. The background music was so over the top 'hero' kinda music, that takes away the innocence of being a children's movie. At one point, I was even expecting Jack Sparrow to jump out from somewhere. That's the music available when kids are riding a bicycle.

Now, is the movie only about bad things. No. The director(s) wanted message in the movie. Lets see how successful he is in incorporating the messages. He says 'wish your teachers', and shows a whole class saying 'good morning'. Now that scene was so bad, that it looked like the karate kids bowing and instead of  the message what comes out really, is a joke. People were laughing, and not reacting to the message. In another scene the lead boy wishes his principal by calling him bad words....and then says sorry. I don;t think the children will learn to say sorry, but i am hundred percent sure more principals will now be called 'mathanga thalaya'. Then at some point, the film becomes too preachy, and too annoying by repeating one same dialouge again and again. Do good, Say the truth and stuff. A good movie should have been able to incorporate those messages in the plot of the story, and not make a character say those things.

In a time, when great children's movies have come out like Tare Zameen Par, or Chillar Party, or the recent 'Manjadikuru' for that matter, which makes us relate to kids, and see through their eyes. But, in this movie, we are forcing a bunch of kids to act like us for our entertainment. Very sad. And to see reviews saying this film is going to get the best children's film national award. Hope not.

I want to still support the newcomer directors, because even after all this I do consider they have potential for better projects. They are better than many others currently in the industry.

Well, this is my thought. I really do want to know how much kids enjoyed this movie. So i would love comments from kids of 10-15 years, because i for sure would not have enjoyed this movie even when i was a kid.

 I would say 'Monkeypen' was a concept with great potential had the script been able to keep the innocence of kids and made them act like fifth standard boys, and not like 'Pokiri' vijay.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

True to the new title 'Goliyoon ki RaasLeela , Ram-Leela'

'Goliyoon Ki Raasleela, Ram-Leela', also previously known as 'Ram-Leela' is an intense love-hate story, that takes from the age-old 'rival leads fall in love' story, and tries to pull out an epic from giving it a 'mitti ka rang' (colour of the earth) feel by choosing the setting somewhere in barren Gujarat, and adding the colours of grandeur from the wealth of our bright and sparkly customs and architecture. 'Ram-Leela' is an exaggeration in all fronts. But that is exactly what we expect from Sanjay Leela Bhansali.

Now I must admit that what you see on TV, multiplied a few dozen times on the big screen is a completely different experience. The songs and picturisation that looked okay on small screen, looked much more royal on the huge canvas. Add to it the quality of booming speakers in a good theatre. The grandness that SLB promised comes true here. Well, the first half goes through without any hitch wit lavish song sequences, a gorgeous Deepika and a decent Ranvir performance, and lot of raw sensual power games. Girls will look for the new color palettes for their new dresses and the jewellery that Deepika wears, while men will be ogling about Deepika's curves and thinking of  Ranvir's raw attitude. Film lovers will notice the scale of art work and design that has gone through, the director's need to ooze intense power packed performances and dialogs, and beautifully captured frames all through (no wonder as it is Ravi Varman).

By second half there is a serious change in mood in the plot, and the viewers will be satisfied with the visual extravaganza, that they will now start concentrating on the story. Here, SLB tries various things, and those do not necessarily reflect back positively from a confused viewer. Certain times logic would take a backseat, and the proceedings would ofter confuse the viewer. I was left to answer my friend occasionally who kept asking, 'why did he do like this?' or 'why deepika didn't say anything?' and i never had a good answer. So you just have to leave things at this is what the director wanted, so no questions please; Which, by the way is the image of a bad script. Certain twists seemed so forced into the script.

Ranveer provides ample entertainment with his actions, while Deepika should be on cloud nine by the way she looks in the movie, thanks to Ravi Varman and SLB, and the choreographers too please. She plays her part really well, being the bold woman of today with being the sexy lead who can give the film the required oomph factor. Supriya Pathak as Leela's mother, who is the Don on one side, has a very powerful presence all through. The very first scene where she is talking calmly to a police officer, suddenly bursts out at her servant when she hears something she dislikes from the officer's mouth, proves the mettle of her character. SLB has added yet two another strong female characters as the 'Bhabhi's (sister in law) of the two leads, Richa Chadda and Bharka Bisht.

The music is all over the movie. SLB and Monty have had a good run before, and though the songs, according to me, do not stand up to their previous work, it certainly does work for the film.  The beats and rythm of the songs fill the viewers imagination, which ofcourse, SLB overcame. 

The movie does have a not-so-new plot and a familiar SLB setting, but it comes packed with an intensity never seen before, and the entertainment a SLB movie can give. So do watch the movie in a theatre. Majority will be ok with it. I rate it with a 3/5.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

'Suits' returns post Winter Olympics to finish Season 3

After completing 10 of their episodes in Summer 2013, 'Suits' and USA Network decided to give a break until newer episodes could be aired. All we know for now, is that 'Suits' will resume the mid-season after the Winter Olympics 2014, which will take place in Sochi, Russia, between 7th and 23rd of February. So late Feb, or early March could be a right guess, as USA Network has not given any specific dates for the premeire.

'Suits' is a drama based on a high profile lawyer, Harvey (Gabriel Macht)  in a major firm headed by the ambitious and beautiful Jessica, who relies heavily on Harvey. Harvey hires a non-graduated guy selling drugs, Mike (Patrick J Adams), who stumbles into his interview office accidentally, because of Mike's excellent memory skills. Now, the firm hires only graduates. That too, from Harvard. Harvey's colleague and rival at the firm, Louis is the one who they have to look out for.

At the end of the Summer's mid-season finale, a lot of interesting turnabouts had presented itself before the audience. Jessica names Harvey as a partner in the firm, Mike and his girlfriend Rachel argue over Rachel's Stanford admission, and Harvey's secretary Donna's affair with an English lawman ends terribly. The major case covered in the last ten episodes was the Hessington Oil case, for which the owner Eva Hessington was accused of bribery and murder. Harvey and his team, using various cunning and shrewd ways gets her out, but by then Eva is exhausted and fires the firm, and sues them for malpractices. Harvey and invites his old fire, Scottie, to join them in their firm after she helps him with the Hessington case. Louis sneaks into the Harvard alumni files, but couldn't find Mike's name anywhere. The mid season ended with such revelations.

Watch the trailer for the new episodes in the rest of the season here :

Here, we get to see Jessica confirming that the firm is now Pearson-Specter, ie hers and Harvey's joint firm. But seems like Scottie is upto something. We know she wanted her name in the previous firm of hers, which she lost because of the Hessington case. More battles spew up, as Louis comes up against Mike and Harvey...yet again. Mike is afraid of being exposed and towards the end we see Louis is really on to Mike's Harvard fraud. Harvey and Scottie seems to have renewed their relationship, but not without new problems.
Also in news, that Olympian Micheal Phelps will be featuring in the return of this season. No wonder, they are waiting for the Winter Olympics.

Lets cross our fingers and wait for the next 6 episodes to finish with a bang. Well Season 4 has been announced anyway for Summer 2014. So more is yet to come. Enjoy fans!

Monday, November 11, 2013

Krrish 3 is a good Indian efx flick but otherwise completely boring.

You could say that Krrish 3 is the work of a worn out director who still works on formulaic scripts from the 70s, i would agree. You say, that the music of the film is as horrible as the stink of ammonium, i would hug you. You could even say that Hrithik's worst performance is in here, i could nod. But dare say that this film has bad visual effects, even according to Indian standards, and i would put a bullet through your head. And this coming from someone who has seen Shankar's(for people who dont relate a movie with its director, Rajinikant's) 'Entiran/Robot', or Rajamouli's 'MagaDheera'. Krrish 3 according to me has the best efx i have ever seen on Indian screens. Anybody who disagree please post me the links of the better movies.

Well, now coming to my review about the movie. The movie is dead boring to anyone who has been living in a post-Avengers world. We have seen Ironman, Superman, Batman and many other superheros, and we very well know there cant be anything new in the plot besides saving the world. But the Hollywood has got enough money to pull grand action and destruction sequences, and the technology to create mesmerizing visuals. So story could take a back seat. Still they do something with the script. Krrish plays safe with a virus story, and mass masala treatment with road full of people praying for Krrish and such stuff. Well, at least today there are more people who feels disgusted with old aged masala concepts than a couple of years ago, though still a tiny percentage.

The dialogs in the movie are so slow and so redundant that you sometimes feel like kicking something. Its like if someone is eating the apple and his dialog is ' Main red apple kha raha hoon'(i am eating a red apple) and you would want to shout out ' Hey retard, i can see tat'. Thats the case with all dialogs in the movie. Plus the really slow delivery from the actors makes you want a knife in their hearts. A monolouge takes 3-4 minutes. But the viewers already know what the actors are going to say from the very first dialog. So for the rest of the time the audience has to bore himself to death.

Hrithik as Krrish is decent, and personally i feel noone else could do such Macho roles with the grace and sturdiness that he has. But his chiseled body, which he had to struggle for days to maintain comes only for a brief moment when he is roaming in his bedroom, and for some song scenes. What a waste of effort, that he couldn't roll his muscles for anything useful like saving the world. I would have killed the director if he had made me workout so much and not even have me punch the villain. Hrithik also doesn't have much scope for acting as Krrish, (tough he tries a vibration mode emotional reaction something), but he does a cute and good job as the endearing father of Krrish.

Priyanka Chopra would have been just a prop if not for the scenes where the villainous Kaya (played by Kangana Ranaut) changes her form into Priya. She looks so out of place in the dance scenes, and in her speech about Krrish and his heroics to Kaal. These artificial scenes with terrible dialouges kills the movie. Kangana Ranaut as Kaya, the villain's right hand has a meaty role, but its so sad that Indian movies can't pull out a decent sexy villian scene. The very intro of Kaya on a table with her legs exposed disgusts the viewer, and not seduce him. That scene was just not done right.

Vivek Oberoi as Kaal, the villain is slow and copied from a thousand different movie. He could have had a good characterization and some better dialogs. The way Vivek shows acts anger or resentmentt or whatever he is trying to do, comes out very blatant and meh.

The accusations that Krrish is a copy can be actually be set aside while watching the movie. It didn't really bother me much. Most superhero films are mostly alike.

The real hero in the movie is the brilliant efx in the movie. The scenes of the building crashing in the final fight is beautiful according to Indian standards. Yes you can't compare it to the hollywood standards. Hopefully in the coming years, we can still better this.

If anything is more boring than the blank dialogs, or the ancient filmmaking methods, is the music of the film. We could see the reluctance of Hrithik and Priyanka to lip sync these horrible songs in the movie. The songs could not have been even used in the 90s. I am so sorry Mr.Rajesh Roshan. Plus, you copy.

Well, the movie is supposed to be a children's movie, though i am not sure if even children would like it much. But there are scenes as in our epic 'Shakthiman', where Krrish tells children to be good and everyone is a hero. Well, now you know what kind of film this is(No comparisons to 'Shakthiman' please, which was having some purpose of life).

Do watch it, if you dont mind brainless or script-less movies. Please do help it to break the crappy 'Chennai Express' record, because it is better.

Thor: The Dark world, is very much everything the first movie has been.

Thor 2 continues from the point where Loki is brought back to Asgard for imprisonment after his antics on Earth. It is then, an ancient 5000 year old conqueror arrives to destroy the light in the world. His weapon, an infinity gem called Esther. It spews darkness wherever it goes. The right time? When all the 9 realms align together in a straight formation. The whole universe will be swallowed by darkness and the one who can rule then is Malekith. Who could stop him now? Thor? Not without some assistance from his brother Loki, and down on earth from his sweetheart Jane.

Thor doesn’t disrupt its continuity in the tone, or action of its second instalment, nor does it try to change the mood set by its predecessors, which include the Avenger movie. Except maybe, the change in the cast who played Thor’s friend Frandall. Josh Dallas has a full time role in 'Once upon a Time' now. Chris Hemsworth retains his boyish charm and Thor is still called a ‘witless oaf’ though he saved our earth, twice. He has his father’s trust now that he has proved himself a hero, but Thor again decides to go against his father's directives, once Asgard is under attack from the forces of Malekith.
Jane has made her return after her absence in Avengers, but the writer needed her to be of some importance. So he made her the carrier of Esther, until Malekith could lay his hands upon it. Well, the logic part can wait. Natalie Portman is fun, exactly as she was in the previous movie, and this time she gets to see Asgard too. Anthony Hopkins as Odin gets to be on his throne again, while Rene Russo as the mother, gets a few stunts to perform as well. Stellan Skasgard as Eric is more eccentric than usual and he is the one on earth who could crack the 9 realms code, and the electromagnetic portals. So all in all, the characters retain whatever importance or role they had to perform in the previous film. The villain Malekith has precious powers, but he doesn't seem to be really powerful, nor as malicious as the Frost creatures in the previous movie. 

Well, Thor is incomplete without his brother Loki. Imprisoned in the unbreakable (not for Malekith’s Kurseds) Asgard prison, Loki learns the death of their mother and is devastated, and agrees to help Thor in destroying Esther and Malekith. We have now come to love our Anti-heroes so much, and same is the case here. There are moments where Tom Hiddleston takes away the thunder from Thor. 

The first half painfully lags in setting up the premise, but once the action gets going it is a fun ride. The efx and the huge art and graphics work does a impressionable job. Chances are there for them to appear on the red carpet for Oscars.  The final fight between Malekith and Thor on several planets through the electromagnetic portals was a hell of a ride. The movie deserves to be one of the marvel  hero flicks. The end features The Collector, who will play a part in the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

We're the Millers : the 'drug'ged family is surprisingly fun

We're the Millers tries hard to be funny, and to certain it does work too. The characters as in any good comedies and put in a very unusual situation. David Miller is a drug dealer who makes through his life on a day to day basis without much ambitions. Well his college friends are by now rich and have a big family. One day his boss asks him to smuggle weed from Mexico as a repayment to his stolen goods. David gangs up with a stripper, a homeless girl and a dumb guy, and plans an operation to bring weed from the neighboring country to the states for his boss. Yes, all of these characters are in it for money. They get an RV, and starts their operation. Things starts going out of control, when David learns that his boss set him up against some Mexican gangsters. From there, they are on a run and each hurdle they face together brings these four strangers together.

The movie is not to be seriously taken, but it succeeds in bringing out a chemistry between the four protagonists that will force the viewers to enjoy their company. As the group jumps from one troublesome escapade to another, we unintentionally start liking them. The script had a potential to come out with something uniquely original with its plot, but it rather stuck to playing safe most of the times. There are crass comic elements, but it also brings in some soft and cozy family mix.

The movie promoted Jennifer Aniston's stripper character the most in its ads, and stuck to its promise of giving the viewers a couple or more stripping scenes of the 'FRIENDS' star. At places they have brought in situations for her to strip, which is fairly funny too. She is sexy and gorgeous, but also her character shows the qualities of a middle class mom. She is supportive to her fake children and teaches a couple of things about romance too, especially to her fake shy son.  Aniston remains fun and is a treat to watch. Comedies are her strength anyways.

Jason Sudeikis starts out slow, but with the competition from his co stars, he starts pushing himself and that kind of becomes irritating at times. His jokes are never too funny, but he could blame the script. Emma Roberts and Will Poulter, as the two dysfunctional kids have done justice to their roles.

The Millers might not come out as a very funny movie, or a highly intelligent script, but it does have a certain warmth to it in the way the four random, crazy characters bond over two hours of a road trip with the director helping them with occasional detours.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Planes Review : Old formulaic 'Cars' spin-off

Planes is an endearing crop-duster's tale about how he achieves something that he was not built for. Dusty is made for spraying fertilizers over thousand acres of farmland. He flies low, but dreams big. His dream is to participate in an highly competitive, across-the-world air rally, along with the finest racers from around the world. Even after repeatedly told by his friends, except Chug, about his flying capabilities, he wants to reach for the sky. That reminds me, he is afraid of heights too.

Trained under a retired US Navy jet named Skipper, Dusty learns a few things about racing and starts his adventure on the race course. Many other racers join him from all around the world. A hopeless romantic from Mexico, El Chupabra, an ambitious Indian, Ishani (dubbed by our very own Priyanka Chopra), a British Bulldog, and a canadian beauty, Rochelle. But his main competition was from the sly, wicked, three times champion, the RipSlinger. The race begins, and Dusty goes through a few hoops, and his fear of heights and emerges winner in the end, of the race and hearts.

The story is one we have been dumped with a million times over. It is the same formulaic underdog story, that ceases to get boring. Even if it does, nobody will stop telling. Dusty starts at a very bad last position at the start of the race, and wins by a nick in the end. Well, the director had in my mind that this is possibly a children's movie, and they are not really going to complain about a repetitive
underdog story. Parents who come in with them, will be more or less happy about the clean and moral entertainment too.

The animation of the film and dubbings have always been of great quality at the Disney's. The screenplay injects a few laughs here and there, but never anything that has not been seen before, especially in its original 'Cars' series. The character sketches are cute, but not ones that remain in your hearts. We still would want a flawed Steve Mcqueen, and his rusty friend back, though their second venture wasn't all that great. The main character Dusty, voiced by Dane Cook, was the usual simple, good-hearted, underdog, who would place others interest before his dream of winning. Its tiring to see the same old character stereotypes in Disney movies, which have garnered a reputation for itself over the years now.

The races are challenging, but we do not see too much in the script that helps us to believe in Dusty. The methods in which he wins races are not epic, or inspiring as it should be, or as it has been shown in 'Cars'.

Planes might be a familiar fun ride for those who are looking for a relaxing day with their kids. There is nothing new in the movie, but the fun of a Disney movie is still something you would barter for your kids. Planes is same as the Cars, minus the character development and even the race thrills.